QuadScan - DMS Solution

We in the business of scanning, indexing, sectioning and storage into electronic media with a complete Document Management System that helps our customers manage all their important documents electronically at central location.

These electronic document images are controlled by our DMS Solution & only authorised users can view their data on the role assigned to him by the company as he needs them.

We also provide hosting services for our vendor documents at our server and make the DMS available as service. The vendors interested in hosting the DMS solution can implemented on purchase of our solution.

The scanning operations involve receiving files, managing their inventory, document preparation for scanning, scanning, QC, re-scanning, filing documents back, return file with inventory records.

The other secondary objective is to implement the DMS solution that has all the desired features and allows user and role based restricted or complete operations on the document and data in central database and capability to customise for your business processes requirements.

Scanning Services can be carried out at our premises or at your premises:

  • This has centralised database from Microsoft MS SQL 2005 / 2008.
  • The development platform is Visual Studio 2008 and language is C++.
  • With the domain expertise our solution is quite user friendly and user can start using our DMS Solution on the day the configuration of is completed and the training needs are minimal to start operations.
  • This generates user wise access reports giving the information which user did what operations on which document at what time and date. Each and every action of users is recorded with time stamp for view, import, export, mailed, printed etc.
  • There is no limit to groups, number of users, types of documents definitions.


Architecture: Web based N-Tier Architecture using DOT NET Framework,
Front End: DOT NET Tools
Database: MS SQL 2008, Service Pack 2
Reporting Tool: Crystal Report 2008
Internet Services: IIS 6.0 or Above

Operating System:

Windows XP professional / 2003 Enterprise versions as per your requirement.
This will be used in application and Database Server. Backup Server can be used Client MIS and Queries for large customer and data.


Server Machine: Based on the volume and transfer of data we will provide you with the configuration of server.
Client Machine: Windows XP and above with minimum 512 MB RAM.

  • Quadpro ventures into eCommerce, web applications and dynamic website development and maintenance services.
  • Quadpro opened offices in Mumbai to provide CTS and DMS services to banks.
  • Quadpro supported National Co-op Bank Ltd. to become FIRST co-op bank in Bangalore to have participated in CTS clearing on 11/01/2013
  • National Co-op Bank Ltd. forms a consortium of co-op Banks in Bangalore as a Lead Bank for participation in CTS clearing and Quadpro provide support for operational functioning of the consortium.
  • Quadpro will be shortly starting CTS Facilitation Centers/Image Service Bereaus across South India to facilitate Cheque Truncation Services of Small and Medium Banks